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  • I have an idea for what I want but no visual reference, can you draw concept art for me? Absolutely! We take on concept art commissions during our quote openings as we require visual reference in order to give an accurate quote. The concept art is a separate commission taken before we give the final quote for the costume/prop project and does -not- ensure you a costume/prop commission slot.

About Us:

  • How did you learn to make these? Cameron’s formal background is in Computer Engineering. He gained a lot of his fabrication skills interning for a Precision Machining company while in college. Everything else has been a lot of googling! All of his molding and materials skills are thanks to the guides created by Harisson Krix with Volpin Props. A majority of his arduino knowledge is thanks to and in particular Phillip Burgess. (The man is a mad scientist!)


  • How do you see out of the visor-style heads? Our visors are vacuum formed PETG plastic dyed with IDye Poly, you see out of it just like you would with sunglasses!


  • What do your costumes run on? We use many different flavors of arduino!

  • Can you add electronics to my costume? Absolutely, let me know what your project is.

  • Why do you use Arduino? Beaglebone/Raspberry Pi/New Board is far superior. Comparing Arduino to something like BeagleBoard or Raspberry Pi is like comparing a calculator to a laptop, they each have their purpose. As of today, our programs rarely exceed 50% of the Arduino Uno’s ROM. Anything greater would simply be overkill.


  • Can I design one of your robot species? We don’t really have a specific species, more just a robot aesthetic! Please feel free to make characters inspired by our original designs, we love to encourage creation! We do not own the rights to original designs by our clients and ask that you contact the owners before doing anything heavily inspired by their original designs.

  • Can you teach me how to X? We love to answer specific questions about our trade! For broad questions like “how do I mold and cast?” there are heaps of resources just a google search away, that’s how we learned and we encourage you to learn too!

  • Can you breath in these costumes? While it does get hot, we implement fans in our heads to allow airflow and prevent moisture buildup.